A man’s hair may not be complicated as a woman,  however, the same obsession of caring for hair is the same. Vee Tatchell of Legends Barbers shares the top four trending haircuts for men this season. 

High top with line design

This cut is best for people with huge afro. Nice trims on the side with a line to make it look even finer. 


This hairstyle will never be out of season! However, how you trim it on the sides with fades is what makes it unique than the normal one.

Nicely trimmed Mohawk. Picture: Instagram. 

Fade with twisted top

If you’re scared of combing your hair, this is the cut for you. Faded sides with coarse hair on top will still make you look neat.

Standard fade

Nothing fancy, just a nicely trimmed haircut for people on the move.

Standard fade haircut. Picture: Instagram.

*Tip: Wash your hair regularly. For strength and shine, wash your hair with cold water only. Always nourish your hair correctly, using products best suited to the current condition of your hair.   

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