After a tough year of fighting Covid-19, people might want to go all out this Mother’s Day to spoil the special women in their lives.

This might not be possible for others though as the pandemic might have affected their finances negatively. Luckily, there are a number of cost effective ways to spoil your mother.

Whether you are spending the day with her or are having a virtual celebration the tips below will leave her feeling extra special on Mother’s Day.

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At home spa

One thing is true about most if not all mothers, they work really hard, and are always trying to take care of everyone in their lives.

A spa day will switch your roles a bit and give you the opportunity to take care of her. You can run her a tea bath.

Most tea bath ingredients are household staples so making a tea bag should not cost you much, even if you do need to buy some stuff.

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While she soaks in the bath you can massage her face and apply a face mask to complete the pamper session. Face masks are very reasonable but you can also look into making a face mask at home using household ingredients. But be sure to do some extensive research before going the DIY mask route to avoid causing skin irritations.

Plantable notebook

If the woman in your life enjoys both writing and growing plants then this gift will be perfect for her. With two plantable strips and a growing paper cover this notebook will be fun to have.


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There are plenty of notebook covers and seed combinations to choose from and the best part is that it is all designed and made locally at Growing Paper.

Mani and Pedi

The simple act of getting your nails done can bring so much joy, and even help ease stress.

By simply painting your mothers nails this Mother’s Day not only will you get sometime to just bond with her but for a moment she can take some time off and rest her hands and feet for some time.


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You can get some inspiration for nail designs or painting tips on YouTube or Pinterest.

This gift should not break the bank either as you can use nail polish that you already have or go out and get her a nail kit that she can keep for herself after you do her nails.

Virtual lunch date

You might not live in the same area as the special woman in your life but that does not mean you can’t see her on Mother’s Day. Virtual dates have grown in popularity due to the pandemic so even the not so tech savvy mother will know how to navigate such a date.

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To make it really special send her some of her favourite food and some flowers. This date might be a little on the pricey side but its still cheaper than driving to see her and then going out for a date.

Wine aerator

If your mother likes to enjoy some wine then this gift will be a game changer for her. It will come especially handy if you buy her a cheap bottle to go along with the gift as the aerator will soften its tannins which will make the wine taste its best.

A wine aerator will cost you around R300 online.