Playing hard to get might have worked pre-Covid-19 but nowadays people are trying to be more open and transparent when dating.

According to reports in the Daily Mail, a study by the dating site Badoo revealed that single people are ready to be upfront about what they want when dating post-Covid-19.

This comes after a year of digital dating because everyone was stuck indoors due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The dating site has dubbed this new trend – ’honesty bombing’ – which is the act of ditching the mind games and just being upfront with the person you are talking to. This trend should not be confused with truth bombing though because that refers to revealing a shocking truth to someone that they had no idea about.

As reported in the Daily Mail, during the study Badoo found that 72 per cent of 1,000 singles that took part in the survey wanted to be more honest about who they are and what they want from a relationship.

This is different from what they would have done pre-Covid.

It also revealed that 82 per cent of the love seekers felt like they had lost a year of dating because of the pandemic and therefore were willing to rush through the ‘getting to know each other’ phase.

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About 62 per cent said they were over playing ‘hard to get’, with many saying lockdown has shown them the importance of just being themselves when meeting new people.

Many also pointed out that they were done with small talk, with 38 per cent saying they would like to avoid wasting anymore time with the wrong person.

Singles also revealed that there would be having deeper conversations on first dates. People are no longer interested in knowing your favourite colour or song but instead they want to discuss the vaccine, mental health as well as questions around marriage and children.

Natasha Briefel the Brand Marketing Director at Badoo UK told the Daily Mail that the pandemic has given people time to really think about what they want in a partner.

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“As IRL dating returns, one of the biggest positive impacts from the pandemic we expect to see is people being much more open and honest with who they are and what they want from a relationship,“ she said

She added, “Honesty bombing is a real positive to come out of the pandemic and something that we hope all daters take in their stride.”

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