Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users have been treated to an iOS 15 update which should make it easier for them find their headphones.

A firmware update means the devices will be able to send out Bluetooth signals which can be detected by other Apple gadgets in the same vicinity.

The results are then recorded in the FindMy app.

Photo by Daniel Romero on Unsplash

So, those with an iPhone or iPad, for instance, could get a notification informing them if they are “far” or “near” from their lost headphones.

This update has sadly come too late for one user who may well have found it particularly useful.

Brad Gauthier went to bed listening to some music to help him drift off to sleep but it resulted in him getting one of his AirPods trapped in his oesophagus.

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However, Gauthier only suspected something was a little out of the ordinary when he took a sip of water after he woke up.

In February, he told NBC: “I went to go take a drink of water, and the water just filled up my oesophagus, I literally had to lean over and let it drain out.”

Photo by Howard Bouchevereau on Unsplash

Gauthier, from Massachusetts in the US, took to social media afterwards to warn other people not to make the same mistake as him.

He posted on Facebook: “Be careful listening to wireless headphones when you fall asleep, you never know where they’ll end up.”

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