Fashion trends are constantly changing, and recently digital fashion has been cementing its place in the industry.

Computer-generated clothes have really taken off in the past couple of years, with more people trying to decrease the fashion industry’s contribution to toxic waste.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions each year.

Dress X Virtual fashion. Picture: Instagram

With digital clothes or 3D software generated clothes, people get to see themselves wearing the ’garment’ without ever getting to touch or see it in person, which means less waste.

You are not buying the garments only to wear them once and then throw them in your closet, but instead, you get to switch things up without impacting the environment negatively.

Luckily, it is getting a lot easier to access digital fashion now. Google has launched a range of digital clothing for mobile phone users to ‘try on’.

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The tech giant launched the free 12-piece collection, which includes a metallic playsuit, glittering padded coat and futuristic dress shoulders, which don’t exist physically but are simply software generated.

Developed with the digital fashion houses The Fabricant and DressX, the ‘Google Pixel 6: Material You’ collection is the latest addition to the digital fashion industry.

Google used its new Pixel 6 as a tool to create the concepts for the garments, using the Pixel camera and new Magic Eraser tool to capture and edit image inspiration.

Tribute Brand 3D fashion brand. Picture: Instagram

Fashion lovers can try the garments themselves by uploading a picture to the Dress X website and selecting the piece they want to ’try on’.

The digital garment is then placed on top of the original image, creating the illusion that the person is actually wearing the piece.

The end result is then emailed back to the user and can be shared on social media, making it seem as though a high-end piece has been added to their wardrobe.

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According to the Daily Mail, the Pixel 6 x DressX Material You Collection was designed by famous names including musician Tinie Tempah and writer Jack Guinness.

“As we continue to embrace this tech-based world, we are constantly online and reliant on WiFi, 5G and radio waves. I wanted to design a jacket that doubled up as a protector from these elements, whilst being stylish and practical,” Tinie Tempah told the publication.

“When designing my garment I used the Pixel 6 to scan objects like furniture, industrial equipment and clothing to understand how things were produced, which helped inform my ideas and inspiration,” he added.

Dress X Virtual fashion. Picture: Instagram

This collection is proof that digital fashion is becoming more and more popular in mainstream media.

“We already have avatars and online versions of ourselves so it’s amazing to be able to have virtual outfits too. I’ve really enjoyed exploring the endless possibilities of technology and our phones with Google Pixel.” Tempah told Daily Mail.

Computer-generated fashion is growing steadily, companies like Tribute Brand and DressX, which worked with Google on the new collection already offer a wide range of digital garments for prices ranging from R426 to R4257. The Google x DressX Material You Collection is available for free.

Virtual fashion has also made its way into the gaming industry with games such as Fortnite allowing players to change their character’s appearances for a fee.