There is a new way to edit your simple selfies into sun-kissed works of art without using an editing app.

With some minor adjustments in the built-in settings of your iPhone’s camera, you will be able to edit your selfies like a pro.

TikTok creators have been sharing the simple hack, encouraging iPhone users to try it out and see the difference it makes to their pictures.

How it works is, you take your picture and then enter the world of adjusting vibrance, saturation, shadows and more.

At first, the picture will look all types of wrong, as you make the necessary adjustments, but take your time and trust the process.

Once it is done you will feel like a professional photo editor, and probably start offering to do it for all of your friends.

One of the first accounts to share this hack was @AnauGazz, who explained step by step how to achieve the perfect results.

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Here is how she does it:

Set exposure and brilliance to 100 (optional).

Set highlights to -35.

Set shadows to -28.

Set contrast to -30.

Set brightness to -15.

Set black point to 10.

Set saturation to 10.

Set vibrance to 8.

Set warmth to 10.

Set tint to 39.

Set sharpness to 14.

Set vignette to 23.

Set brilliance and exposure to 0 (only if you did the first step).

Thousands of other creators have since tried the hack, and almost all of them are in love with it.

The account @saraartime said she would never edit her pictures any other way.

@saraartimeI’m never editing any other way ##fyp ##photohack ##edit ##iphone♬ original sound – poussy fire🔥