Pinterest searches for “dark living room ideas” have recently skyrocketed this year, in what seems like a trend we will see a lot of in 2022.

Dark colours in the home have become increasingly popular this year as more people show an interest in switching up their home aesthetic.

Pinterest searches for “dark living room ideas” have recently skyrocketed this year, in what seems like a trend we will see a lot of in 2022.

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It seems like an evolving trend that will go into the new year, and in light of that the interior experts at WeThrift have shared their top tips on how to effectively add dark tones to a living space.

Here is how you can incorporate dark colours in your home:

Use energising dark colours

You don’t have to turn your living room into a dungeon to incorporate the dark aesthetic into your home. Rather, the beauty of a dark living room stems from its walls.

When it comes to choosing your paint, go for an energising dark colour that is daring yet welcoming. Dark petrol blue is a popular choice on this front. Similarly, shades of navy and emerald green are also safe options to target a classy look that compliments many different colour schemes.

Get the furniture right

You’ve chosen what shade you want your wall to be – now it’s time to find complimentary furniture. You don’t need to spend a fortune on furniture to achieve a brand new look for your space.

For a more subtle aesthetic, wooden stools, shelves, chairs and even mirror frames look great with a splash of dark colour, especially against neutral backdrops.

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Coordination is key

It’s a general rule of thumb that the centrepiece of your living room, such as your sofa and coffee table, must compliment each other. With this in mind, go for matching colours that would work really well with each other.

Make sure that your cushions and supporting furnishings mesh well with the intended colour scheme.

Try an ombre effect

As aesthetically pleasing as colour coordination can be, incorporating an ombre effect will add balance to your living room and give it a more sophisticated look.

Perhaps you could use a light shade closer to your floor area and a darker shade on your walls and ceiling. For those wanting to try something a bit more experimental, compliment your dark walls with a snow white sofa.

Let in natural light

As bold and beautiful as they may be, dark interior shades can be overwhelming, and it’s therefore important to let in as much natural light as possible to create an aura of balance.

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Not to mention, natural light will set a relaxed tone for your living space, which is what being at home is all about.