When it comes to skincare it is easy to go overboard by applying way too much product, especially when you have dry skin.

But according to experts over-applying isn’t only ineffective in some instances, you could also be chucking money down the drain if you’re using more than you need to.

Likewise, not using enough product may render the whole process redundant.

Thankfully London-based Dr Kemi Fabusiwa, a junior doctor and aesthetician who goes by ‘Dr Fab’ on Instagram, has shared an insightful post revealing just how much of each skincare product we should be using.


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Dr Fab runs the Joyful Skin Clinic, an online platform dedicated to providing evidence-based skincare solutions for all skin types. From clay masks to moisturiser, here she reveals just how much product you should be using.


‘Don’t be shy with your cleanser,’ Dr Fab writes. ‘Double-cleansing requires double the amount shown in the picture.

‘Cleansing for 60 seconds really does make a difference to the skin ensuring that the pores are deeply are cleared.’

Dr Fab told Stylist: ‘Exfoliating regularly is important so that your skincare products aren’t sitting on top of a rough layer of skin but have a better chance of seeping into the skin’s lower layers.’


Clay Mask

Clay facial masks are thought to have numerous benefits including absorbing excess oil by drawing it away from your pores, preventing mild forms of acne and helping to manage dry skin conditions.

Dr Fab says: ‘Your clay mask doesn’t need to be applied all over your face. If you notice large, blocked pores solely on your T-zone, then that’s where you should apply it.’


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Eye Cream

The skin around your eyes is the most sensitive area on the face as it’s very thin, making it more susceptible to developing fine lines and wrinkles and sagging.

It’s often a tell-tale area if we’re feeling tired or rundown, as it can appear puffy with dark circles.

There are dozens of eye creams on the market which claim to tackle premature ageing and help brighten and plump the skin around the eyes.


Dr Fab recommends using use eye creams that have active ingredients that ‘actually work’, such as retinol.

‘Otherwise you’re essentially putting excess moisturiser under your eyes that may contribute to Millia,’ she says.

‘Only use tiny amounts. Dab, don’t rub.’


While we’re not seeing much sun at the moment, Dr Fab recommends wearing SPF throughout the year. Many moisturisers on the market now come with an SPF factor, so it’s worth looking out for.

This is a product you can afford to be generous with when it comes to application, Dr Fab says.

‘I wanted to add twice this amount but the serum kept running off my hand,’ she explains.

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‘UV penetrates through clouds and windows and is still important throughout the day time during winter. Reapply every two hours. Especially if you suffer with hyperpigmentation.’

Overall, she adds: ‘Try to allow each product to seep into the skin before applying the next. This helps to prevent piling.’