Solo travel really takes you out of your comfort zone- and how you handle it will determine whether you have a good holiday or not.

While people have warned travellers, especially women, not to embark on solo travel missions, it is one of the most rewarding adventures a person could ask for.

Here are 5 tips:

1) Do something you have never done before

A cliche, yes! However, how many people get the chance to do something new and exciting while on a trip? While there may not be anyone to support you when you decide to embark upon an adventurous activity, or try out a local delicacy or even tick off a bucket list, solo trips help you find yourself. It allows you to enjoy every  moment of your trip. Just make sure that it is legal and safe, the last thing you want on your holiday is to end up injured or in jail.

2) People watch

When you not busy ticking the activities off your itinerary, why not indulge in some people watching? Find a busy spot at your destination, purchase a drink and watch people and their culture come to light. Not only will this help you understand the culture but will also give you a unique perspective on the locals it will help you understand their culture. From the street food vendor to the busy man in a suit, there is so much to witness  if you are able to spare an hour and it will definitely add to the memories of your holiday.

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3) Create crazy, funny videos

If vlogger Nadia Jaftha has taught us anything, it is to create super funny videos that will make people stop and take notice. Whether it’s a slow motion walk to the Eiffel Tower, a travel video highlighting your favourite spots in a South African language or breaking into song while exploring the streets, it is those videos that one will remember!

4) Strike up conversation wherever you are

One of the benefits of travelling solo is having the opportunity to mingle with new and interesting people. Many people who travel with a partner, their family or a group often feel restricted when it comes to meeting new people. Solo travel gives you that boost of confidence you need to meet people. Try to come up with a cool introduction when you approach someone or start a conversation about the particular place you are in. Chances are that once the introductions are over, you would have made a travel buddy and a new friend.

5) Make dinner a fashionable affair

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Many solo travellers tend to neglect their look when they visit a destination. If its dinner for one, why not glam up in your favourite gown or formal wear, either carry one from home or splurge at one of the local malls. Dining should be a fancy affair and looking the part is one way to achieve this!

AUTHOR: Clinton Moodley | IOL Travel

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