Cleaning videos are not only oddly satisfying to watch but they can come in handy when it comes to making budget-friendly cleaning products.

The videos are so popular that they have gained billions of views on the side of TikTok called #CleanTok.

On this magical side of the app, creators share cleaning hacks in an effort to help people deep clean their homes.

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A professional cleaner who goes by Liesl Elizabeth or @cleanfreakcleaningco on TikTok has become popular for her contributions to #CleanTok. She recently shared a simple recipe to make a multipurpose spray that people can everywhere around the home.

According to Elizabeth, the spray can be used to clean multiple areas in the home including floors, sinks, showers and stovetops.

The DIY cleaning solution is easy to make requiring only 5 ingredients. To make it you will need some water, vinegar, dishwasher liquid, clove oil and your favourite essential oil.

To mix it, Elizabeth suggested adding one cup of water to one cup of vinegar, a tablespoon of dish-washing liquid and three drops of clove oil.

‘Vinegar contains acetic acid which makes a powerful disinfectant and kills bacteria,’ she explained in the video, adding: ‘I haven’t touched bleach in years’.

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The clove oil kills mould spores so it will be perfect for use in the bathroom.

To make the solution smell good she added 10 drops of her favourite essential oil.

‘I used one with orange to pair nicely with the clove and lavender because I like the smell,’ she said.

She then stirs everything together and pours it into an empty spray bottle.

‘Use this for everything. Try this, you’ll never go back to commercial cleaners again,’ Elizabeth said in her now viral TikTok video.

People were quick to share their thoughts on the video, with many saying they couldn’t wait to make their own cleaning spray at home.

Those who had tried it already insisted that the DIY solution was better than some store-bought cleaning products.

One user wrote, โ€œI use this now and I love it. Itโ€™s been almost a year and Iโ€™ll never go back.โ€

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However, others warned against using the product on granite countertops as the vinegar might damage it.

For those who own pets, many pointed out you can ditch the essential oils as it could harm cats and dogs, while others suggested swapping dishwashing liquid for baking soda to create a non-toxic cleaning spray.

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