Instagram has announced a new feature to let users filter out abusive messages.

The photo sharing platform’s upcoming tool will enable people to automatically block out such correspondence from accounts they don’t follow.

In a blog post, the Facebook-owned site said: “Because DMs are private conversations, we don’t proactively look for hate speech or bullying the same way we do elsewhere on Instagram.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

“That’s why we’re introducing a new tool which, when turned on, will automatically filter DM requests containing offensive words, phrases and emojis, so you never have to see them.

“This tool focuses on DM requests, because this is where people usually receive abusive messages – unlike your regular DM inbox, where you receive messages from friends.

“It will work in a similar way to the comment filters we already offer, which allow you to hide offensive comments and choose what terms you don’t want people to use in comments under your posts.

“You can turn both comment and DM request filters on and off in a new dedicated section of your Privacy Settings called Hidden Words.”

Meanwhile, users will also be able to add their own words to the list.

Photo by Kate Torline on Unsplash

They continued: “We’ve worked with leading anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations to develop a predefined list of offensive terms that will be filtered from DM requests when the feature is turned on.

“We know different words can be hurtful to different people, so you’ll also have the option to create your own custom list of words, phrases or emojis that you don’t want to see in your DM requests.”

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