Residents casting their votes at the polling booth as Emmerentia Primary School in Johannesburg on Wednesday said they felt doing so was important but deciding which political party to back in the current climate was not an easy choice.

Ofentse Nxumalo, 39, said: “I feel like voting today is about picking the lesser of two or three evils.

South Africa – 8 May 2019 – South Africans went to the polls on Wednesday in national elections which the ruling ANC party, in power since 1994, is the favourite to win despite corruption scandals and sluggish economic growth and record unemployment. The ANC has won all the past five elections, but vote is set to be an electoral test on whether the party has staunched a decline in popularity. Picture Leon Lestrade/African News Agency(ANA)

“You know you know are going to get screwed over regardless of who you pick, but I feel like today it’s about picking the one that is least likely to destroy you.”

Jabulane Mdlalose, 23, said: “As a first time voter, and living in this government, I believe that change is needed and I do believe that different parties should be given the opportunity to govern so that we know what works.”