First-time voters were excited to finally get the chance to make their voices heard during the National Elections on Wednesday.

In KZN the TYI team headed to voting stations to chat with some first time voters to get their feelings and expectations after voting.

Nonhlanhla Hlongwa (21) felt that it was only through voting that she could have an opinion in some issues in the country.

She added that she was ready to see some changes in the country.

“I want to see our youth involved in politics maybe even in parliament because nowadays we only see the older people, also I believe we are not free as yet so the other change I would like to see is for black people to be free,” said Hlongwa.    

Nompilo Zuma (18) who was also excited to vote for the first time said she was not voting for a change but rater an improvement. 

Video by Nosipho Nyide 

Welile Khumalo (18) said it is her right to vote and its the only way she can engage in the countries matters.

“It is important to exercise your right to vote, as much as I am one individual my opinion matters so if I don’t vote than how will I go out and say we want this and that? So that is why it is important to vote,” said Khumalo.

She added that it is important for people born in 2000 to make their voices heard by voting.

Nkanyiso Ngubane who is 23 said the reason why he was voting was because he wants to see a change within the youth especially.

“I want to see the youth being involved in businesses, I want to see them developed into entrepreneurs because not all of us will be employed by companies,” he said.