Twenty-four year old Newcastle resident, Njabulo Nhlapo, is not voting in this year’s general and provincial elections.

Nhlapo spoke to The Mercury outside the Durban City Hall, looking on as a long queue of prospective voters snaked around the building.

He said he refused for his vote to be used by “self serving” politicians.

“I do not see how my vote helps. These people come to our homes and will even go as far as eating pap with us but once they have our vote, we are discarded,” he said.

Nhlapo said no one in his family was going to vote this year.

“You know they only remember us for campaigns. After that they are not bothered about what the communities need. You find that in some places residents need proof of address letters and councillors even threaten them and say they will not get letters unless they are registered,” he said.

Nhlapo said he and his family only voted in the last round of municipal elections.