A local content creator has shared an Instagram filter encouraging people to pray for South Africa after incidents of riots and looting in the country.

Jashen Govindsamy who is popularly known as Jashmir, created a #PrayForSA filter on Instagram for people to use to spread awareness on the situation in South Africa.

Jashmir created it after riots and looting took place in parts of KwaZulu Natal and Gauteng during the week, in an effort to spread awareness of the countries issues globally.

Jashmir. Picture: Instagram

He took to Instagram to share the filter saying, “Using my talents and voice to help where I can #PrayForSA filter is available now. Use it and help spread awareness. (sic)”

With over 19,000 followers Jashmir hopes to spread not only awareness but also a good message that promotes unity in the country amidst the chaos.

The #PrayForSA filter includes:

South African flag that covers the user’s face in a face paint style

Words “Pray For South Africa” in bold, floating above the head

Videos up to 15 seconds can be recorded

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The filter is available on Instagram on Jashmir’s profile under the filter section and can be used via the selfie camera. Users can post stories with the filter and use the hashtag #PrayForSA.

The filter was created to spread awareness globally and is not part of any “Aesthetic Trends”.

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