Blonde bombshells like Marilyn Monroe used to be regarded as the ultimate fantasy but now, according to a new survey, men are opting for edgy brunettes instead.

Dating website has released a set of findings gathered from their members, looking at that age old question, what do men and women find most attractive about each other?

Instead of the stereotypical Scandinavian blonde look, men are now demonstrating a preference for long brown locks, although blue eyes are still top of their list.

With caring qualities also top of the list, the survey revealed that a profession as a doctor is most appealing among men.

Male members of the service said that their the ideal woman also likes to go swimming to ensure her physique is toned and fit.

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And when she’s not busy playing with her stethoscope or splashing around in the pool this woman also makes time for her naughtier side, inking tattoos on concealed body parts.

According to this research celebrities like Sienna Miller, Cameron Diaz and Blake Lively are not in the wishlist any more and instead Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Zooey Deschanel fit the bill.

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On the other side of the gender divide, women don’t want chiselled abs like Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds, they’d rather see a relaxed dad bod under the car bonnet.

Women too prefer brown hair and blue eyes, but men need to remember to keep it short.

Longer locks like Johnny Depp, Jared Leto or Colin Farrell are a big no with the ladies.

The survey didn’t, however, mention the beard which, paired with a chunky knit cardigan, has become a popular look with celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Kit Harington and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Women also expressed a preference for a suited and booted type, who works in an office and spends his free time with his dog. (Legend star Tom Hardy has got it right posing for pictures with pooches).

The surgery asked 18 designers to amend an image of a woman in her underwear to reflect the ideal body in their country.

Perfection appeared to vary considerably depending on the country, with Spain opting for a fuller-figured look and China photoshopping the model to the opposite extreme.

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Other countries involved in the survey included the UK, the US and the Netherlands, as were Italy, Egypt and Syria.
This research is limited to the UK, but a recent experiment carried out by an online doctor’s surgery revealed that there are very different ideals when it comes to the physical appearance of women worldwide.
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