A TikTok user left her followers in shock when she seemingly recorded a video of herself jumping off the edge of a cliff.

Fashion content creator Monica San Luis left her followers filled with concern after she carried out a stunt for a video she titled: “When your friends wanna talk about what happened last night.”

Monica San Luis. Picture: Instagram @monicasanluis

In the short clip, San Luis can be seen looking at the camera while seemingly singing along to the lyrics to a song from Lorde’s new album Solar Power, before casually leaping off the edge of a cliff.

“My drinking anxiety can’t handle it, [sorry],” she captioned the post.

The video quickly received millions of views, with viewers expressing their concern and confusion over what they had witnessed.

“Omg that jump made me nauseous, WHERE IS SHE?” one user questioned.

Another user expressed that the clip was making them anxious.

@monicasanluissMy drinking anxiety can’t handle it sry ##WelcomeBack ##hawaii ##canyoureachme ##ChiliDogYumPlz

♬ Solar Power – Lorde

“My anxiety can’t handle you casually jumping off a cliff…obvs [Obviously] know you landed on something but where did you land?!!” the user wrote.

It did not help that San Luis continued posting her fashion and lifestyle content for a while before ever revealing how she had successfully tricked her followers.

In the reveal video, she can be seen jumping off the cliff that is overlooking the ocean in Hawaii again. But luckily for her followers, this time, the camera reveals her waving happily from another ledge hidden just below.

However some of the viewers were not convinced with one writing, “I could NOT trust myself to do this.”

@monicasanluissReply to @zoeanastasia1 CLIFF REVEAL!! Sorry this took so long guys 🥶 ##hawaii ##SmartfoodClub ##summer

♬ Just for me – PinkPantheress

While another wrote, “I would’ve landed weirdly and then rolled my ankle and then fallen to my left, and then I’d just be rolling down the cliff at that point.”

San Luis tried to convince them that the second ledge is “much bigger in person”.

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