Victoria Milan, a dating website for united people in wedlock has conducted a survey of women faking their orgasm just to please their lovers and partners.

Women no longer enjoy their sex life just because they want to please people they are committed to.

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They are many reasons why they don’t anymore:

The main reason behind faking an orgasm is to provide pleasure and confidence to the partner, with more than 62% of women agreeing this is why they perform in the bedroom.

9% claim they have a mini-orgasm when pretending to actually have one, 8% say it’s to arouse their partner and keep the mattress marathon going for longer, 10% of women use a fake orgasm to end the sex…

And only 6% say they fake it because a real orgasm is impossible for them to achieve.


South Africa – 58%

Finland – 52%

United Kingdom – 44%

Spain – 29%

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