It might be your love for Taxidermy as a hobby or your ability to bite your toenails in public that render you undateable. It could also be your choice of profession.

After interviewing South African millennials, TYI found that the kind of job you have could be a relationship deal breaker.

Did you know?

South Africa’s best paid employees earn over R2‚250 a work-day while salaried workers on the lower end need to make do with R280 a day.

SA millennials share their thoughts on what profession makes a person undateable:

She thinks…

Langelihle Dube, 22:

“Taxi driver. I just can’t. They are well known professional cheaters. Startup entrepreneurs never have time, so I also wouldn’t date them. Lastly, athletes. They are always travelling and they always have specific dietary requirements and the GYM [groan].”

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Nosipho Bangane, 22:

“I wouldn’t date a DJ. You see the thing with DJ’s is that they don’t just play decks but also play with your heart. They meet a lot of girls in clubs or during their gigs. Moving on [with] my list a bar man. So sorry. I can’t deal with ladies flirting with my man when ordering their “sex-on-the-beach” cocktails. Even if I break up with them in a club they will get over me, just like that.”


Sandra Muchanyara, 19:

“I wouldn’t date a soldier. Simply because they are never home and [the] worst part is that I can’t even prepare supper because I will never have the certainty if they will ever return back home alive.”


Aviwe Chophani, 21:

“I don’t really know. This is a tough one. I wouldn’t date a doctor. Period. As much as they are well off in terms of finance and standards, but their job is way too time consuming. By the way, what’s the use of money if your bae is never home?”


Zuhaa Isaacs, 20:

“I wouldn’t date a defense lawyer. I don’t see myself with a partner who lies and let’s guilty people be off the streets while someone’s child is dead. They assist criminals who are guilty to stay out of jail.”


He thinks…

Mogawane Gosiame, 24:

“Retail is a huge turn off for me. Don’t get me wrong ladies, it has nothing to do with the profession itself. However it is because I don’t want my woman to work hard. Retail takes a lot of strength. Most retail jobs require individuals to stand for hours, for the entire day. By the time you get home, you are tired and you won’t even be interested in showing me affection or making love to me.”


Lindisipho Zangqa, 23:

“Maritime engineer. They travel a lot, and spend long periods in time on cabin crews. Any job that takes you away from me and the family for more than a month, I can’t deal.”


Larry Boss, 27:

“Personally a job doesn’t make a difference. What matters is the genuine special connection you have with your partner. At my age, I wouldn’t date a woman who works in the exotic industry, such as a stripper. I am a Xhosa man, therefore I was raised in a culture that a woman’s body is sacred. Only her husband is allowed to see, touch and indulge and nobody else.”


Mlungisi Ncube, 26:

“Someone who works in a bar. “ngomfazi womntu wonke” [loosely translated: She is everyone’s woman.] Women who work in a bar get hit on by more than ten men every night during their shift. It also becomes difficult for them to see my genuine intentions about her because she will just assume I am just another drunkard trying [my] luck. However, I wouldn’t mind dating a stripper temporarily because of the curiosity and adventure.”


Dumisani Nyangiwe, 23:

“Industries don’t really matter for me. All I want is that my woman should not be wealthier than I am, because as a man I was raised that it is my duty to take care of the woman and family. Besides, when women earn a lot they start being disrespectful to their husbands.”