Men aren’t the easiest species to understand and attempting to dissect their brain might be unrealistic as women aren’t mind readers. Don’t be discouraged though; there is hope –  by reading his Body Language and behavioral patterns. Below is a list of signs that you could use to determine if he’ll make an amazing sexual partner. 

1. He makes you feel comfortable 

2. When you ask him to stop doing something you dislike, he stops immediately 

3. He knows his way around the dance floor 

4. He has the ability to make you feel as though you’re the only girl in the world 

5. He shows genuine interest to know how your day at work was 

6. He considers your needs above his own 

7. Has as a healthy appetite 

8. He is able to communicate his feelings and thoughts well 

9. He is an amazing kisser 

10. He isn’t afraid of trying new things 

11. He takes care of himself whether it be by living a healthy lifestyle or his general appearance  

12. He enjoys touching you, doesn’t necessarily have to be in a sexual manner

13. He knows how to poke fun at himself  

14. He asks questions #inquisitivemind 

15. He is able to hold a gaze #eyecontactforthewin 

16. He is comfortable with himself
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