Facebook employees can continue working from home for the time being.

The tech giant has revealed that it thinks remote work is “the future” – unlike some of its rivals in the sector.

The company’s employees have been “thriving” at home, according to Brynn Harrington, Facebook’s vice president of People Growth, who added that many workers are keen to continue from home.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

She explained: “For example, parents who are closer to their children and are happy to cut their commute time and optimise their work day, they’re thrilled to work from home.”

Despite this, she acknowledged that it’s not been universally popular amid the coronavirus pandemic.

She told the BBC: “Obviously this is working from home during a pandemic, we are not in a period of healthy remote work.

“We have people juggling care giving responsibilities, we have people living in small apartments with roommates, those people desperately want to get back into offices, and we’re working really hard to do that, as soon as it’s safe to open our offices.”

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Facebook has denied suggestions that the trend is motivated by a cutting-cost ambition. However, the company has suggested that it could lead to employees receiving lower salaries in the long run.