1. Get a roommate

Personal space means everything when you’re a young adult, but most of us can’t afford that luxury. Having a roommate will help you financially + decrease chore duties.

2. No Fast food

A Fast food lifestyle is very expensive on a student budget and not healthy at all. Instead cook the food you enjoy using simple recipes online, refine your culinary skills and at the same time, save on money.

3. Sensible Brand habits

One thing you must remember: You are a student, you do not have the means to wear Gucci labels or even walk around swinging a Chanel bag on your arm unless you were ‘blessed’ and highly favored. Stick to the basics; finish your degree.

Your day shall cometh.

4. Lay – by

Whether you think you’re too cool to lay-by but as a student you don’t have a choice. Start by purchasing items that you like or simply lay-by for three months; saving you on half of your student allowance.

5. Get a part-time Job

Use a job search portal online and find a job on the weekends. If you don’t have a social life, this is the best option. 
Try Rent- a-student: http://www.rent-a-student.co.za/

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