A devastating fire completely collapsed the roof of the iconic 850-year-old Cathedral known as the Notre Dame on Monday. 

According to reports, firefighters were able to save the main structure, including the bell towers. 

The Independent reported that President Macron called the fire a ‘terrible tragedy’ and the cause is not yet known, yet officials think it’s linked to renovation work that began after cracks appeared in the stone, and that it was most probably an accident. 

Soon after that reports claimed that French billionaires pledged to donate towards the building being rebuilt. 

According to CNN the largest donation announced on Tuesday was from LVMH Group (LVMHF), which owns Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Givenchy. The company and the family of CEO Bernard Arnault promised €200 million (Over R3 billion).

During and even after the horrific blaze, people began sharing their memories of the iconic building that most describe as the ‘symbol of a country’.