A four-month training course for mathematics and physical science teachers from Mogwasa district in the North West Province has put teachers in a good position to prepare for the rapidly evolving technological world we now live in. Engen partnered with the community based programme One-on-One to make this course a reality. 

Drawn from 20 participating schools, the teachers attended weekly training sessions at JM Ntsime Secondary School from January to May 2019.

Adhila Hamdulay, the Corporate Social Investment Manager at Engen said it has become essential to bridge the gap between theory and practical application as technology is increasingly playing a crucial role in our everyday lives. 

“This gap can be overcome by upskilling our teachers and providing them with easy access to the equipment, tools and skills that they require to introduce creative problem solving methods for maths and science,” she said.

The weekly sessions focused on providing the teachers with training in the latest technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics. They were also taught how to apply creative and innovative thinking in order to navigate the future of teaching and learning. “The idea is to ensure that this knowledge is then passed onto learners. My Lab Kits for example provide physical science teachers with interactive and practical teaching skills,” said Hamdulay. 

She added, “The aim is to get learners into the science lab as we believe this hands-on-approach provides them with the opportunity to practically engage with technology and exposes them to cutting edge technological advancements.” 


The training course forms part of the Engen Maths & Science School (EMSS) programme. EMSS is a national initiative that addresses key skills shortages in the engineering and technical fields by providing supplementary maths, science and English classes to learners from grades 10-12 at nine centres across South Africa.

“Engen is committed to building tomorrow’s leaders and if we want to ensure that the youth of tomorrow are prepared for a rapidly changing world, we need to ensure that they have the right mix of skills, to reach their full potential,” said Hamdulay.

-Adapted from a press release