The holiday season is almost over, and before you know it, you will be back at work responding to thousands of emails daily.

Emails are a crucial part of office culture but how you sign them off says a lot about you.

A TikTok creator has shared a hilarious breakdown of what your email signature reveals about your personality.

Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash

In a video, Jenny Tian revealed her take on three email signatures that she has encountered while working in an office.

‘If you say “kind regards” you’re an intern,’ she said in the video.

“You probably start your emails with ’I hope you’re well’. I hope you get some self-confidence.

“If you say ’cheers’ you are one cool mother f***er. You’re probably actually having a beer at the pub. Cheers to that.”

She also includes office workers who don’t use an email sign-off at all, revealing they are ‘all about getting the job done’ and will get straight ‘down to business’.

“You probably also don’t say bye to people at parties,“ she explained.

Amused TikTok users quickly took to the post to comment on their preferred email sign-offs.

@nomnomjenny I’ve grown beyond my “kind regards” phase #worklife #corporate #officelife #9to5 ♬ original sound – Jenny Tian

’I say ”Best”, short, sweet, classy,’ one user wrote.

“I say “yours sincerely”,’ commented another.

‘I always put “Many Thanks”,’ added a third.

But many TikTok users were curious as to why a popular sign-off option, ‘Yours Faithfully’, was excluded from her list.

‘That’s not even an email, that’s a hand written love letter,” Tian said.