Looking for a quick body reset after the festive season feasts? A nutritionist has revealed the diet and exercise routine to follow for the ultimate two-week body reset.

Jessica Sepel an Australian nutritionist and founder of JS Health outlined the coherent list of ‘nutrition guidelines’ on her website which cuts out alcohol and encourages people to eat vitamin-rich foods for the entire two weeks.

‘This challenge is designed to help you reboot your system for better energy, deeper sleep, stress relief and to nourish your relationship with food,’ Jessica wrote on her website.

So what do you need to do for better sleep and energy in just one fortnight?

Meal plan energy-rich food

During the two-week reset challenge, it’s important to plan healthy meals to eat throughout the week and incorporate energy-rich foods into your diet.

The ‘guidelines’ state fresh leafy greens should be incorporated into every meal to boost fibre – such as baby spinach, cucumber, broccoli and peas.

Whitefish and salmon should also be eaten between two to three times per week to increase vitamin B and D levels.

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Other guidelines to follow include eating fruit, organic chicken, eggs, root vegetables, herbs and spices and herbs and spices.

Less caffeine, sugar and no alcohol

During the fortnight challenge, alcohol should not be consumed and caffeine should be limited to only one cup per day before 11am.

While this may seem like a challenge in itself, the physical perks are highly beneficial for overall health and well-being.

As a coffee substitute, Jessica drinks spiced turmeric latte or dandelion root tea, as both are tasty and flavoursome.


Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks and soda should also be reduced.

Hydrate your body

As the human body consists of nearly 60 per cent water, it is essential to maintain health and well-being by drinking at least two litres of water each day.

Jessica also recommends drinking up to 2.5L of water per day as well as drinking herbal teas and coconut water if possible.

Sydney general practitioner Dr Dasha Fielder previously told Daily Mail that drinking water will help hydrate the kidneys, improve digestion and gut health, rejuvenate the skin and avoid feeling fatigued.

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‘We lose a lot of water by drinking caffeinated drinks, such as teas and coffees, and overnight while sleeping – so we need to replenish this throughout the day,’ she said.

Exercise every day

On top of eating well, it’s recommended to exercise at least once a day, but those up for another challenge can work out twice per day.

Jessica said to aim to do at least 20 minutes of ‘focused exercise’ daily to reap the body and mind benefits – such as Pilates.


Depending on your preferred type of training, cardio or weights can be incorporated into each workout to push the body in different ways – as cardio will help burn fat, while weights help gain muscle.