Kenyan-based community-driven company Africa Podfest will be hosting Africa’s first international podcast festival to celebrate the continent’s podcasting pioneers on Africa Podcast Day, February 12.

The 2021 Africa Podcast Day festival directed by Josephine Karianjahi and Melissa Mbugua aims to celebrate the talent within Africa’s podcasting industry.

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It was created as a space for the region’s podcasting pioneers to gather, share knowledge and connect with African and international partners.

The festival started as a recognition of the growth of podcasting in Africa, which is historically strong on audio, with radio being the most widely consumed media format.

This year’s festival is themed “We are proud to be here!”

Karianjahi said the theme is a celebration of the strong start that podcasting has had across Africa, from hard-hitting investigative journalism to Afro-realism, comedy, horror, self-improvement and more.

“African podcasters are telling the world they are exactly who they sound like – rich storytellers, constantly improving their craft and exploring diverse themes, styles and techniques of podcasting,” said Karianjahi.

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Karianjahi also highlighted the importance of creating a podcast festival for Africans.

“Africans have not had independent spaces to amplify their voices for a very long time. A podcast festival for us, by us, acknowledges this reality and allows us to celebrate ourselves, challenge our technical skills and connect with one another in a truly African way,” she said.

The podfest’s half-day virtual celebration aims to spark connections and acknowledge people’s contributions to both the continental and international podcasting arena.

Attendees can expect sessions that will include round-table discussions, presentations, workshops, expo booths and networking opportunities.

In addition, there will also be a variety of hosts from various countries around the world who will be featured to share their insights and knowledge.

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Mbugua said: “Here, these pioneers will forge new connections with the best in the game globally and level up their understanding of opportunities in African podcasting.”

Africa Podcast Day is observed every year on February 12, the day before World Radio Day.

Tickets are free and can be booked directly on

Africa Podfest serves the under-resourced voices who are opening space for freedom in society, including the youth, low-income communities, women, activists, LGBTQA+ people and people with disabilities.

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