Mayleen Kyster is obsessed with steel

“The steel industry is the bedrock of most economies and backbone of infrastructure development in all countries’’ says the 32-year-old founder and Director of Africa Steel Holdings ‘Africa SH’.

Africa SH is an investment holding company which plays an executive role in all of its Steel and Metals related ventures. The company which manufactures steel through its subsidiary partnerships also trades in steel. In 2015 Africa SH was awarded ‘the most transformed company in steel for an employer of fewer than 100 people, by the Steel and Engineering Federation of Southern Africa.

For Mayleen this award speaks to the commitment to recognising strides in transformation by her peers in the industry. Kyster believes that her position in the steel industry was pre-ordained and is merely the beginning of a wonderful story.

She is quick to advise her fellow aspiring entrepreneurs to not under-estimate the value of humble beginnings because humble beginnings make for inspiring journeys and fairy-tale endings. When questioned about the complexity of steel she responds that it is as complex as your lack of industry and product knowledge as well as access to credible information and skills.

It is similar to baking a cake – without all the right proportions of ingredients – you may end up with a disaster.

So how does the aspiring steel magnate stay inspired? I am not going to tell a lie and say that I read as much as I should because I do not have the time to but I find inspiration in listening to people’s stories. Everyone has a beautiful story to tell.

I also enjoy listening to positive music to unwind and my current favourite songs are that of Mariah Carey ‘Make it happen’, Diana Ross ‘Im coming out’ and Jessie J ‘Masterpiece’

‘I am a simple young woman – I love road trips and movie nights at home and of course any opportunity to trade in my safety boots for stilettoes.

Find Mayleen on Twitter: @Mayleen855