Gigi Lamayne (born Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney) has always been a storyteller.

The 22-year-old had her first poem published by the Poetry Institute of Africa at age 11. In 2016, she graduated at the top of her media studies class, and she’s now a multiaward winning hip hop artist.

However, what she’s most proud of is how she has turned her “societal fate” around by thriving in this male-dominated industry. Perhaps living in Soweto, Brakpan, Yeoville, and the UK gave her the courage to relate to different kinds of people through her lyrics.

She was chosen to be part of the Branson Scholarship, an exchange programme that gave her the opportunity to study in Buckingham.

Rapping was a hobby when she was 16, but it soon matured into a brand with a following. In 2013, she was named Best Female Artist and Best Newcomer at the SA Hip Hop Awards and she’s already released her debut album, iGenesis, and special edition, Ground Zero.

What she loves about her job is that it’s effortless – she’s exactly who she wants to be. The fearless rapper dreams of achieving international status, and starting a foundation for gifted children.

“The world needs a superhero. I’m qualified for that position.”

|I am not a gazelle, I’m a lion. I don’t find something external to make me believe. I find something within.|

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