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Medical Doctor, Author & Transgender Activist:

Anastacia Tomson, 31, embarked on four journeys to get to where she is today. The first was to study medicine, the
second to transition from male to female, the third to write about it, and the fourth to fight for it. Today, these four journeys are perfectly interwoven in the daily fabric of Tomson’s life as a medical doctor, author, and transgender activist.

Having identified the need to bridge the gap between trans people and policy makers, Tomson co-founded the Professional Alliance Combating Transphobia. This community serves as a network and resource for professionals working with transgender people, and advocates for the rights of their transgender clients or patients.

Tomson is still involved in the medical field, and recently led a workshop at the International Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association World Conference in Bangkok. There she taught activists from around the globe strategies on advocating for healthcare for their transgender constituents. In addition to facilitating training seminars on LGBTQIA issues, Tomson is also actively involved in the promotion of her 2016 memoir, Always Anastacia.

The book offers a raw and honest account, detailing her transgender journey from her Jewish upbringing to the place where she’s worked hard to be.

It’s a journey she says took determination, stubbornness, cooperation and resilience.

“The hardest lesson I have learnt is that life isn’t always fair or just.”

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