Misha Teasdale is the co-founder and Tree-E-O of Greenpop, a Cape Town-based social enterprise that brings volunteers, companies and communities together to plant indigenous trees in “under-greened” areas.

In 2008 he drove from Cape Town to London overland, profiling non-governmental organisations and community-based projects in 21 African countries. Two years later, he gathered like-minded individuals to plant 1 000 trees in one month.

Today Greenpop has been recognised by The Enviropaedia Awards, the Maverick Awards, People Planet Profit and Business without Borders.

When he is not planting trees, Teasdale is inspiring entrepreneurs as a fellow of the Young African Leaders Initiative. He also speaks at conferences and workshops from the United Nations to the Centre for International Development, and at various universities, schools and companies.

Find Teasdale on Twitter: @mishateasdale
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