At 21, Lethabo Ashleigh Letube is already living her dream.

She became involved in community work while she was in school in Cape Town’s Langa township. That was when she became a member of the Soul Buddyz Club – a US partnership with the Soul City Institute that helps bring children together to talk about difficult social issues.

It was a programme that offered life skills and awoke a great passion in Letube, inspiring her to become a leader in her field. Now she studies at Varsity College in the mornings, and in the afternoons, she works with the after-school care programme, Project Playground.

Here she is the chairperson of the violence and crime prevention programme “Great Corner” with Lugna Gatan, a Swedish collaboration.

Making a difference is what this young activist is all about, and the project’s six-month training provides 15-26 year olds with personal development and entrepreneurship skills.

“This really helps them to regain their status in the community,” she says. The community feels safer, as graduates of the programme contribute by patrolling the township, and working with police.

Letube was recognised for her efforts by being the recipient of the Queen’s Young Leader Award in 2016.

|The hardest lesson I’ve learnt is that people will undermine you when you are young.|

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