Nokulinda Mkhize, 32, has known about her unique gift since she was a teenager.

Immediately after graduating from university with a degree in Geography, and Development Studies, she went to thwasa, (train) and transitioned into a life of healing people as a sangoma.

Nine years later, Mkhize has built a thriving practice, operating out of her home in Johannesburg.

She helps her young, urban clientele understand indigenous cultural practices for spiritual well-being. “I am a healer, mediator, divinator and herbalist,” says Mkhize. “I offer a contemporary perspective on the ancestral world.”

She has helped clients with immunity, fertility, and family issues through the ancient practices of throwing bones and mixing herbs. Mkhize, also called Gogo, uses social media to reach a wider audience by uploading talks like “Love. Sex. Money.” on YouTube.

In her 2013 City Press column, Gogo has tackled topics like death, relationships, and modern life from the perspective of a sangoma.

Her talk, “Gogo Speaks,” is a 90-minute lecture that revolves around ubizo – “the calling” – in relation to mental health and inter-generational trauma. She also trains and helps other gifted people to step into their calling as izangoma.

Another calling Mkhize enjoys is being a mother to her two children.

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