“Kufuneka ube umfana othungiweyo,” Siya Beyile’s mother told him when he started high school. “You must be a threaded young man who not only looks good but is held together by the right things, such as manners and respect.

In his first year of a BA in fashion at LISOF, he remembers discussing future plans with his classmates.

They aspired to follow in the footsteps of famous designers and editors; he wanted to go his own way, to start the biggest fashion portal and consultancy on the African continent.

He did not defer his dreams, even after dropping out because his parents could no longer afford his tuition fees. Instead, he networked himself into interning for SA Fashion Week and then Dion Chang.

He also worked tirelessly on his fashion blog, The Threaded Man. Beyile is now 22 and the creative director of The Threaded Man Group. Its content division runs a website that delivers men’s fashion and lifestyle content.

The Threaded Man agency and consultancy work with brands like H&M, VW and Pandora to help them meaningfully connect with young, black South African men. Beyile prides himself on running a portal that not only encourages men to take care of their appearance but also of their inner well-being.

Find Siya on Twitter: @SiyaBeyile