TYI YOUTHINC. is a space where young, inspired leaders come to think, discuss and act upon issues that impact their ability to lead and be leaders. This is an opportunity for South African youth to engage with the dominant discourse, embrace otherness, and disrupt misguided narratives.

“Thinc” eludes to a think tank and network of young people, issues and ideas. The “inc” implies the empowering of young people by facilitating networks and resources that they may need to tackle serious youth issues. TYI YOUTHINC is both a platform and a resource; a place to meet like-minded leaders and a place to nurture and support them.

More about TYI:

We’re a Youth-centric portal engaging with tomorrow’s leaders.

This is a platform created by the youth, for the youth. This platform is for young, inspiring South Africans that are challenging and changing the game, one action at a time.

Our audience is at the top of their field or poised to become just that. They are our leading entrepreneurs, award-winning creatives, key business drivers, all under 36 years old.

This digital platform invites South African youth to engage in the conversation and celebrate change-makers. The website hosts creative editorial elements to offer a mixture of aspiration and insight into youth markets and the challenges we face.

Launched in 2015, by the Independent Media Group, our team captures exciting youth-driven initiatives locally and across the continent.

We cover imminent socio-economic and political issues, present solutions to lifestyle and career dilemmas and update you on the latest indabas.

We encourage youth dialogues to inspire the youth to connect and build a common vision, whilst seeking to address the many challenges we face.

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