There are some decisions one should never rush – from buying a house to choosing a spouse.

Or replacing your handbag, of course.

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Almost half of women admit they spend more than a month thinking about a new bag before finally making a purchase, a study has shown.

Researchers analysed the results of more than 140 surveys, examined data from apps and interviewed shoppers to find out how buyers pick their most important accessory.

Many seem to enjoy the thrill of the hunt, with four in 10 of respondents aged between 18 to 34 having taken more than a month to finally decide on their last handbag purchase.

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Six in ten said they browsed online stores to ensure they made the right decision.

Picking a new handbag “seems closer to buying a car than to buying clothing” said Rohan Deuskar of fashion technology firm Stylitics, which collaborated with market researchers NPD Group on the study.

The result is that buyers end up much more satisfied with their purchase. “It’s a victory at the end of a long journey,” he added.

One buyer who must have thought long and hard is the new owner of a Diamond Himalaya Birkin bag from Hermes.

Made from albino crocodile skin, lined with goatskin dyed to match the exterior and with diamond-encrusted straps, it sold at auction for a record £206 000 (about R4.3-million).

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