Adele has retained her crown as the richest British celebrity under 30 for a third consecutive year.

Adele has managed to remain in the top spot for a third year running – after she beat the One Direction boys off the pedestal in 2016 – as she increased her staggering estimated wealth from £132 million to £147.5 million according to the heat Rich List.

Ed Sheeran, 27, who jumped from his third place spot in 2017 to second with his estimated wealth of £94 million, thanks to his smash hit third album ‘Divide’, and its subsequent two-year world tour.

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Ed’s shift into second knocked last year’s runner-up Daniel Radcliffe down into third place with £87 million, most of which was raked in during his time as the titular wizard in the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise.

Daniel’s co-star Emma Watson ranked in fifth place, thanks to her role as Hermione in the movie saga, as well as recent smash hit ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

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