Hailey Bieber has revealed that her bachelorette party was ’spicy’.

The 25-year-old model secretly married Justin Bieber in an intimate ceremony in September 2018 and the following year, they marked their wedding anniversary with a public exchange of vows, but before they had the latter event, Hailey enjoyed a “penis everything” themed celebration with her female friends.

Justin and Hailey Bieber. Picture: Instagram

Chatting to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on her ‘Who’s in My Bathroom’ YouTube series, the pair took part in a challenge requiring them to create bouquets for different occasions and as they debated whether bachelorette parties were “romantic” or “kinky”, Hailey spilled the details on her own bash.

She said: “It’s spicy on bachelorette parties. My bachelorette party was like penis everything. It was like d***straws.”

Rosie quipped: “So mature. Classy.”

The ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ star thought it was hilarious when Hailey explained she was “already married for like a year” before her bachelorette party.

She laughed and added: “You already had the d***.”

Her guest laughed as well and confirmed: “I already had the d***!”

Hailey Bieber. Picture: Instagram

It was previously claimed Hailey’s friend Kendall Jenner had planned her Los Angeles bachelorette party and splashed out on phallic items including a penis pinata for the celebration.

A source said in 2019: “Kendall visited the Hustler store where she purchased lots of fun sex toys, phallic straws, water bottles, candy necklaces, lingerie and a veil for Hailey to wear.

“They went wild eating the candy necklaces and sipping their drinks from the straws. There was lots of screaming and giggling.

“When Hailey saw everything, she was dying laughing and got a big kick out of it all. It was the classic bachelorette party with all the fun props and silly toys. Hailey wasn’t shy and got right to it playing with everything and posing for photos.”

Watch the full episode of ’Who’s in My Bathroom’ here:

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