Oumnye Black Panther

Image: (C) Instagram @distruction_boyz

Black Panther and Omunye hysteria continues to grip the nation – and for good reason!

Thanks to the movie, the song Omunye by Distruction Boyz has become an international hit, even receiving love from everyone’s favourite funny girl Ellen DeGeneres.


The film promotes African heritage and roots while showcasing our local South African talent to a global audience.

A video posted by dancer Kendra K.O. Oyensanya shows a group of dancers performing some pretty awesome choreography to ‘Omunye’ as they leave the cinema after watching Black Panther. She captioned the image ‘walking out Black Panther movie like’ and the internet loved it.

The video went viral on Instagram and Twitter, catching the eye of American Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Never one to miss out an internet sensation, Ellen obviously had to get in on the action by reposting the video to her Instagram page.

The video has so far received over 3 million views on Ellen’s actual Instagram page, and since the Distruction Boyz are tagged in the post, we’re sure they’re raking up more and more fans by the minute. Thanks Ellen!


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AUTHOR: Farah Khalfe

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