Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly starting a “new relationship”.

The former couple dated on and off from 2011 to 2015, and following their reconnection last month and 25-year-old Selena’s recent split from boyfriend of 10 months The Weeknd, sources say the pair are beginning a brand new relationship and putting their tumultuous past behind them.

An insider said: “This shouldn’t even be considered ‘getting back together’ – it’s really a brand new relationship. They are both different people and their relationship now is completely different.”

selena gomez wolves

Selena Gomez in her new music video “Wolves!”

The ‘Sorry’ hitmaker, 23, has spend some time improving his behaviour over recent months after heading to church and making changes to his lifestyle, and sources believe he is now becoming “the type of guy Selena always wanted to be with”.

The source added to ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “This version of Justin is exactly the type of guy [Selena] always wanted to be with – and the type of guy she always knew he was deep down.”

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Reports of their pair rekindling their relationship come after it was previously claimed Justin was trying to win back the trust of the ‘Bad Liar’ singer, as he hopes his changed ways will make him a “better boyfriend”.

A source said: “He hopes to regain her trust so they can get back together. They have so much to catch up on. They dealt with things separately this year that made them different people. It wouldn’t be surprising if they got back together.

“It seems their relationship now is very different. Justin is certainly a much better person. He would be a better boyfriend, too.”

Meanwhile, insiders recently insisted that Justin has always been Selena’s “soulmate”.

They explained: “Since things ended with Justin for good, any other guys that Selena dated were placeholders.

“All the other guys were just flings. Justin always had her heart and attention. He was always her soulmate and her one true love.”


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