Perez Hilton received an apology from Angelina Jolie’s “crisis management expert” after her lawyers threatened to sue him.

The 37-year-old celebrity blogger was recently asked to change elements of a story he ran about the ‘Maleficent’ star’s split from husband Brad Pitt, and her lawyers threatened legal action if he didn’t comply.

At the time, the star hit back by posting his email response on Instagram, demanding an apology from the 41-year-old star herself.

Speaking on Australian radio show ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show’, Perez has now revealed that he did in fact get an apology, though not directly from the actress.

In tweets posted on Kyle and Jackie O’s Twitter page, Perez said: “I have an update for you! The legal team did not respond, but her crisis management expert got back to me – and apologised!”

But the star sticks by his original coverage of the duo’s split, as he says the ‘By The Sea’ actress’ team wanted a whole new piece written about the event which “apologised” for his original reporting.

He wrote: “I believed it to be true, so I published it.

“They didn’t just want it taken down, they wanted a new piece apologising. I responded in a very dramatic, OTT way. (sic)”

For the blogger, what angered him the most about the ordeal was the fact that he was a huge supporter of Angelina before he received the emails, but admits he now thinks “negatively” of her.

He said: “For the last 10 years I have been the biggest #AngelinaJolie advocate, I was in tears when I heard they split.

“Her team are making people think negatively of her and before this I did not think negatively of her.”

In Perez’s email response, he told Angelina’s lawyers – Bert Fields and Priya Sapori – to “suck [his] d**k”.

He wrote: “Please get this message to Angelina Jole herself. She KNOWS … I have ALWAYS been a huge fan and SUPPORTER of hers!! I am livid!!! Unless she wants to turn me into an enemy, I want an apology right now. I am not changing anything. If you want to sue me, my lawyer is Brian Freedman and he is CC’d. I did nothing illegal. We stand 100% behind our reporting. F**k YOU. And suck my d**k! (sic)”

– Bang Showbiz

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