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This name is enough to elicit orgasmic eruptions within oneself.

Please clutch at nearest object to stabilize your position, as you shall feel faint whilst viewing gallery.

This man is very beautiful.

Please treat images with care.

Jason Mamoa was born in Hotness, and shall forever remain there.

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Jason Mamoa Bio:

Real Name: Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa

Born: August 1, 1979

Age: 37

Height: 1.93 m

Fun Facts:

1. Jason has interesting hobbies, like studying indigenous dances and learning to paint with pastels…

Today we send ?????

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2. At a bar in Hollywood, Jason got hit in the head with a beer bottle. He received 140 stitches and a trademark, hunky scar.

3. While acting on the set of “Conan: The Barbarian”, Jason Momoa listened to heavy metal music to get geared up for the battle scenes.

Have mercy on me…

What the hell is da Hawaiian doing in northern Iceland. Send me mana it’s going to be a crazy fucking day ???ALOHA AC

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And he dotes on his mom!

Point Made. Peace out y’all


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