US RAPPER Lil Yachty reportedly paid more to put a fresh grill in his mouth on Grammy night than most women spend on a designer outfit for the event!

Icebox Diamonds & Watches reportedly revealed that Yachty requested a grill to match his vibrant personality.

And that’s exactly what he got.

Hello from the other side #grammys

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Each tooth is a different jewel – white, blue and yellow diamonds, red rubies and green emeralds.

It was close to R500 000 for the pair of grills – including delivery.

A rep from the jewellery firm flew to LA on Sunday to hand off the rainbow-coloured grill to Yachty hours before the show.

He was nominated for Best Rap/Sung Performance but lost to Drake.

It wasn’t a Grammy, but he still got some nice hardware out of the evening.

And at least he’ll always have his smile.

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