SA Celebrity, Bonang Matheba lodged a complaint on Twitter about the food she had on a recent SAA flight, and in a rather unexpected turn, the airline responded in the snarkiest way possible.

SAA’s responded to Bonang’s complaint by saying that that other passengers enjoyed the meal. 

A response like that would not make a complaining costumer shut up, if it was me, it would only make me pop!

Obviously tweets have been ongoing ever since…

So a lot of people are sharing what they think about Bonang complaining on twitter. But what exactly are they worried about?

The fact that she is complaining or the fact that she is doing it on twitter?

Because not all the tweets are on her side…

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Not that I am really sure what the problem is. I am sure that SAA would want to know when they have a unhappy costumer so why was it so wrong for Bonang to complain?

Is it the fact that she is well known, would they still respond the same way if an ordinary, ‘one-of-us’ lodged the complaint? 

Funny fact is that SAA only did 2% of the damage.

Their response was not necessarily what the public wanted to hear, but the irony is that the public spun the whole situation into a bigger mess than it already was in.

The tweet about Bonang expecting “pink salmon” was about defending SAA, but the tweet was worded so badly that it only make SAA look bad?

Twitter-ers, I know this is difficult for you, but try to insert some objectivity every now and then 🙂 


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