Ariana Grande released her latest single ‘Side to Side’ from the album ‘Dangerous Woman’ letting us in on a little “secret”: Too much sex will have you walking… you guessed it…side to side.

Grande explains that the whole song is that “riding” leads to soreness, she does after all continuously sing that she’s ‘been there all night and all day’ (What did you expect girl?)

After careful deciphering of the song’s lyrics and music video, the former Nickelodeon star had people in the feels! 

Also, what’s with child stars growing up to be major sexual deviants? (Think Miley Cyrus licking that foam finger suggestively)

Nicki Minaj who features in the song had us asking a very serious question: WHAT is a d*ck bicycle? 

According to the Urban Dictionary, a d*ck bicycle is when you ride a d*ck like a bicycle all night and then you get sore and can’t walk properly (ugh, we feel so informed). 

Eish folks, Keep it safe while keeping it sexy by condom-ising.

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