Shanina Shaik ups her beauty regime ahead of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and gets a lot more facials.

The 27-year-old model makes it her priority to keep hydrated and take several vitamins in the days leading up to the show and pairs that with more facial treatments to ensure her skin is “fresh and tight”.

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Speaking to Vogue Australia, she said: “It’s a priority that I take my [Dr. Barbara Sturm] vitamins every day and drink hot water and lemon morning and night. Lastly, I want to have a couple facials leading up to the show – they really keep my skin feeling fresh and tight.”

The brunette beauty loves facials which create a glowing complexion and travels across the globe in order to get the best skin treatments.

She said: “Facials that specialise in tightening, laser and creating a glow. I visited Jasmina Vico in London and Sandra Velandia in New York – who are both amazing.”

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When it comes to the Australian model’s pre-show diet, Shanina sticks to fish and vegetables while drinking hot water with lemon to boost her metabolism.

She said: “Drinking hot water and lemon morning and at night helps with my metabolism, skin and digestion.

“My diet contains proteins – fish only as I’m pescetarian – and really clean salads and vegetables. Two weeks before the show I like to cut out carbs and sugar to stay lean and defined for the show.”

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Shanina also ramps up her fitness regime in the weeks leading up to the iconic runway show, but makes sure to keep her face cleansed to avoid any extra oils.

She said: “Keeping up with [my] skin regime and washing my face after every workout. Fresh’s Rose Hydration Toner is an amazing product to get rid of bacteria and keep it really clear.”

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