Solange Knowles can wear any ensemble “with ease”, according to fashion designer James Flemons, who created her and her dancer’s costumes for ‘Don’t Touch my Hair’ music video.

Solange Knowles can wear any ensemble “with ease”, according to fashion designer James Flemons.

The Los-Angeles based creative mastermind, who teamed up with the 30-year-old singer songwriter to create 30 customised outfits for the star’s ‘Don’t Touch My Hair’ music video, has admitted he “admires” Solange’s style and believes she can get away wearing anything she wants.

Speaking to PAPER about his creations for the brunette beauty, James – who has his own clothing line PHLEMUNS – said: “I have admired her style for years so it is a huge compliment that she thinks highly of my line. I think she has this way of wearing elegant or forward clothing so casually and with ease. For me that’s basically the whole concept behind how I design. I like to take the concept of something formal and make it easy and approachable to wear casually, along with this high-low idea of how I dress personally.”

James has revealed he was first approached to design the costumes for Solange’s video by her stylist, and although he was “unsure” whether he could create three pieces each for 10 of Solange’s dancer, as well as a showstopping garment for Rihanna, he knew it would be a mistake to pass up an opportunity of working with the ‘Losing You’ hitmaker.

Speaking about his recent venture, he said: “It was pretty quick and kind of out of nowhere. Shiona [Turini], Solange’s stylist, emailed me in early August about Solange being interested in getting some custom pieces made for videos from the upcoming album. Initially it was three pieces each for ten people total.

“Shiona sent me photos of two bralettes, a pair of shorts, and a necktie from my spring 2016 collection that Solange was interested in customizing

“I was unsure of taking it on at first because it was so last minute for me to hire a sewer to get the requested 30 pieces done in time for the fitting, and at the same time I was in the midst of assisting costume designer Mindy LeBrock in creating pieces for Rihanna’s MTV Vanguard performance.

“[But] I knew in my gut it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on, so I decided to bite the bullet, lose some sleep, and sew them all myself with a little help from my best friend and creative partner in crime Franc Fernandez.

“I created the red bralette and shorts that Solange and four of the dancers had on in the middle of the video.”

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