Celeb crushes have always been a thing.

Male or female, tall or short, we all have our preferences.

And they usually look even hotter when they’re chilling out at the beach or by the pool, soaking up some Vitamin D.

Here is a list of 10, as the British would say, “fit” celebrity bikini bods.

Because we love you.

Ladies first…

1. Bonang Matheba

Social media’s “Queen of everything.”

Bonang Matheba has been a popular TV personality since the young age of 15, and has only managed to fly upward ever since.

She has an extremely dedicated fan base who practically worship her, and there are several good reasons for this.

See what I mean?

Happy belated birthday, Bonang!

2. Jeannie D

There is no explanation needed as to why she is on this list. Jeannie D is hot.

She also may or may not be employing some dark magic to keep herself looking young.

Practically a living legend in her profession; when it comes to looking good in front of a camera, she has all but mastered the art.

Also, she’s hot. Have I mentioned that?

3. Lee-Ann Liebenberg

Yes we did.

Even after popping two buns out of the oven, she still looks good. Likely some more dark arts going on here.

Lee-Ann is a highly accomplished model who just so happens to have been voted FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World for 2005 and has managed to feature on the list every year for over 10 years afterwards.

#tbt 🐚💙

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Nicky Van Der Walt, you lucky man, you.

4. Nadia Nakai

Nadia is not your average South African girl of Zimbabwean descent. She’s got a little something extra.

Might be the rapping, I’m not sure.

She recorded her first song when she was only 18. Her fans love her, and yes, she too is hot.

Control yourselves.

5. Shashi Naidoo

You know what? I think dark magic is just a normal thing for our country’s female celebrities.

Shashi Naidoo has popped up all over TV and magazines, and looks just as good as she did ten years ago (yes, really).

Chasing the sun Kaftan by @adorebyadila 📸@garrethbarclay

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Modelling done right.

Now for the manly male men.

1. Zweli Dube

The Muvhango star’s presence is a sure fire way to get any girl to stop what she’s doing and stare into the abyss, and by abyss I mean abdominal section.

Which he seems quite fond of flaunting…

He’s uploaded this pic more than once, just so you know.

2. Janez Vermeiren

39. This guy is 39 years old. Has your mind exploded yet?

He has racked up a reasonable amount of screen time over the years, and is mainly known for his presenting roles in shows like Top Billing, Top Travel and The Man Cave.

Not even fatherhood could dull the muscle on this guy.

Still wrapping my head around the fact that he’s basically 40…

3. Chris Jaftha

Stereotypical teenage girl’s bedroom wall poster, this one.

Chris is also best known as a Top Billing presenter (I swear I’m not doing this on purpose), and is quite active on social media.

He likes doggos and likes replying to his fans on Twitter.

#happysunday #ThomasSabo #Together #AfricanColoursbyTS #InspiredbyEmotions

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Most guys would kill for a bod like that. So would most girls…

4. Chad Le Clos

The main reason South African women watch the Olympics.

Chad is a world-class, gold medallist swimmer, which I’m sure is his way of letting the ladies know he’s got plenty of stamina…

Recovery is key 💪 ready for weekend 😎#budapest2017 #CleC

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Hold it in ladies. You’re ogling a digital image.

5. Lunga Shabalala

Is it a job requirement for TV presenters to be annoyingly good looking? I’d be happy if someone could debunk that for me.

Lunga Shabalala is the textbook definition of “tall, dark and handsome.” Seriously, he stands at 1.8 metres, has dark skin and is handsome.

An actor, model and TV personality, he’s also enjoyed his fair share of screen time, and is close friends with Janez Vermeiren. No need to fight, lads.

You’re both on the list.

Pulling a James Bond, are we Lunga?

– Tyler Roodt

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