CAPE TOWN – Hot, hot, hot…

Whether you’re fan of these ladies or not, you defiantly can’t deny the fact that they have been dishing out sexy summer bodies all year long. While some may argue that they might be revealing a little too much on social media, these celebrities care less. Instead it seems like they’re loving the attention that comes with taking some clothes off.

Take a look at these sexy celebrities who look like they have gym-ready summer bodies all year round.

Khanyi Mbau is definitely ready for summer, her sexy pose with a G-string is proof of that. We can’t it the older she gets, the hotter she becomes!

                                                                      Source: Instagram

Actress KB Motsilanyane came out with this undeniably hot nude this week, her body is showing flames. No wonder people are going crazy with comments on this particular Instagram post.

                                                                 Source: Instagram

Ntando Duma is one of the new kids in the block and already among the hottest women in the industry. Her bum shoot will definitely keep people talking for a very long time.
                                                             Source: Instagram
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