Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume will be “very, very cute” this year. 

Heidi Klum last year as Michael Jackson’s Thriller. 
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The 45-year-old supermodel is famous for her elaborate outfits on the spooky holiday and although she won’t spill all the details, she has promised fans that this year she won’t be dressing in anything scary.

Speaking to People, she said: “This time it’s going to be very cute, It’s not gonna be scary; it’s going to be very, very cute.”

But among those who get a sneak peak of the former ‘Project Runway’ host’s costume are her four kids – Leni, 14, Henry, 13, Johan, 12, and nine-year-old Lou – because they are often around when her outfit is being created.

She said: “My kids know; they always know, they always wonder how it’s done, and I have fittings and people come over when I have to try different pieces on. 

“So a lot of the times they are a part of the process and they see it happen.”

This year will mark the 19th anniversary of Heidi’s annual Halloween bash and she admitted her costumes have grown more elaborate over the years – which can also be risky.

She said: “In the beginning stages, I didn’t know about these [prosthetics] professionals yet and I did my own hair and make-up, and I had some people who would help me put the clothes together.

“When you do prosthetics and all of this stuff, I’m always having my fingers and toes crossed that it actually does work out on the day because there was no dress rehearsal. 

(c) Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit in 2015.
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“Because we can’t actually glue all these things down and see if it actually really works. So it’s always a bit nerve-wracking for me, too, that it actually does work out in the end. Usually it does, but you just never know until the day comes.”

The blonde beauty – who has appeared last year as a werewolf from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video- previously teased fans on social media by posting a picture last month of a mask being specially made in a workshop.

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